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Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

 Eat Healthily, Move And Live Happily


Welcome to our eTwinning project that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to inspire and support students and teachers in making positive choices for their well-being.

I am working as the teacher of public food and tourism at Centrul Incluziva Baia Mare Secondary School. The project “Eat Healthily, Move, And Live Happily” was carried out by the co-founder, English teacher at the Cengiz Topel Secondary School, Tuğba BOZKURT in Türkiye and co founder Cristina Maria HANGEA in Romania. I, Cristina Andreea MAagdau, am a member of this project and I participated in this project in Romania.10 teachers and 67 students from countries such as Türkiye, Romania, Georgia and Italy participated in this project. 7 students of my class in Centrul Incluziva Baire Mare Secondary School participated in this project. The aim of the project is to is to increase awareness of healthy and balanced nutrition, points to consider in nutrition, allergenic foods and type 1 and type 2 diabetes, food groups, correct food selection, active life among secondary school students of ages of 11-14 organizing physical activities, games and similar events, at the same time, using project-based learning, collaborating learning with partner school students. This project includes an interdisciplinary curriculum of teaching nutrition and physical activity, and pyschological resilinces for secondary school students.We used Web 2 tools like Kahoot, Linoit, StoryJumper, Padlet, Google Forms, Canva, etc. For collaborative learning, a mixed country team was created for each chapter of the story of Luna Martines with type 2 diabetes. We divided 25 students into 5 groups. Each group has 2 mentors to guide them. Firstly, we wrote first chapter from fifth chapter on Twinspace chat and Linoit. And then we integrated the chapter using StoryJumper creating a story of Luna Martines with type 2 diabetes. While they were writing the story, their thinking skills, creative skills improved. Furthermore station technique, brain storming technique, project based learning were used. At the same time we divided 25 students into five groups. Each group has five students and two mentors to guide them. Firstly, we wrote the rules, contents, features, and questions from one to four stages of online board game of healthy and physical activities on Twinspace chat, linoit. We integrated them to create the online board game of healthy and physical activities using the site "". While they were writing the contents, rules, features, questions of the game, their creative thinking skills, thinking skills also improved.

We pay attention to data protection and copyright in our e-Twinning project. We open an e-safety page on pages section on Twinspace. We wrote the rules there. All the members of the project have learned all the rules of e-safety from this page. Thus, we raise awareness about e-safety for our project. As soon as our project starts, we take parent permissions from the parents and put them on the pages hiding the students’ and the parents’ private information. We give importance to not to share personal information of our pupils, too. 

Images of students were hidden during the activities carried out in the projects. We hide their faces blurring or using emoji in the photos or videos we add on Twinspace.

Our project includes activities such as E-safety. Students played Kahoot.

What is web 2 technology? What are the contributions of the use of Web 2 technology to the educational environment?

Web 2 technology allows users to provide information, share, discuss from the receiving location, produce information, etc. are the internet environments in which the user is active. It creates a more active and participatory classroom environment. It improves positive attitudes of students in the educational environment towards each other. It contributes to the development of skills such as group work, effective learning, high level thinking, constructivist learning, individual learning, and taking responsibility in educational environment.


Students Create The Project Logo And The Project Slogan Via Canva


We created our logo and posters together with our partners to represent our project. Students create the project logo and the project slogan via Canva. As a result of the poll of the project logo, the project slogan, these logo and slogan were chosen as the best by the all the students.  

Still Life
Still Life

Students chose the best and the most effective project logo and the project slogan.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-07 at 22.45.38.jpeg

Meeting With The Dietician, The Teachers And The Students on Zoom

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-07 at 22.48.02.jpeg

The Dietician explained benefits of  balanced nutrition, food groups, vitamins, proteins, and physical activities. The students asked her questions of the balanced nutrition.


Students prepared brochures of daily menu via Canva

image 3.png

At the School Center for Inclusive Education, Baia Mare was organized the rope jumping competition. While the salt came and joined several of their colleagues who had fun and had a pleasant activity. 

Heart Shaped Waffles

Students watched a video of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes


Students make a short presentation about which food they are allergic to. They should not eat and consume.

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